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   What is an Interactive Strategic Business Game 
designed by Christwart Conrad?

An introduction

EInführung auf deutsch

What it is and what it is not
  • a new mixture of board game, business game and role playing game
    • not a "Planspiel": the dynamic of the game is generated by the interaction of the participants, not by the Game Master
    • not a simulation, but using reduced complexity to learn more about the implications
    • based on an intelligent concept of game rules
    • is possible and likely to be played more than once
      • because it’s fun
      • because you can try out different strategies
    • all players are involved (no downtime)
    • with different transparency and increasing knowledge
    • for 8 to 150 participants and more
    • face to face communication, no computer’s aid necessary
  • competition of several teams (with varying conditions of victory)

What are the Objectives?

  • warming up
  • getting to know each other in an effective and easy way
  • learning and improving skills and competencies
  • team-building, team development
  • changing attitudes
  • learning to deal with complex, new situations in a change process


What are you doing during an Interactive Strategic Business Game?
  • negotiating
  • cooperating (within your team or with other teams)
  • deciding tactically
  • simulating e. g.:
    • production
    • election


Who is supposed to join?
  • all people with a strategic thinking (therefore aged 14 years and up)
    • all adults
      • all people interested in politics, education, training...
      • all members of a company
        • managers
        • distributors
        • developers
        • controllers
        • ...


Why joining?
  • Your experience is deeper and you learn much better and keep the things in mind than listening to a speech
  • You are active by yourself, doing more than only listening or looking
  • You are part of the whole, you feel belonging together despite competition
  • You can try out new strategies having fun. There is no reason to be scared because it’s not the reality. You can learn new competencies
    • cooperation
    • working in a team
    • confidence
    • open-mindedness


Which Occasions?
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • training sessions
  • workshops
  • seminars


How are Interactive Strategic Business Games presented?
  • preparation on the spot, introduction and explanation of the rules, realization, analysis
  • with competence
  • casual
  • fun, but serious
4 examples of Interactive Strategic Business Games

© Christwart Conrad, Bonn, Germany

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